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Not All Certification Programs Are Created Equal

Introduced in 2000, CFSE / CACE was the first personnel functional safety and automation cybersecurity certification program  within the industry, and remains the longest running program to this day. Since then, other certification programs have been introduced, but CFSE/CACE remains the “gold standard” of all programs. 

The CFSE / CACE Program remains unmatched due to its consistency and integrity, as well as its unwavering focus on developing the knowledge and skills to be successful. The focus of the program has always been on developing usable knowledge and skills, rather than just passing a test. 

CFSE / CACE is the only program that is standardized globally, which means that the same certification criteria and exams are used in every country. Another element unique to CFSE / CACE is that training and grading of exams are done completely independent, which ensures that there is no conflict of interest in the certification / audit process as required per IEC 17024. 

CFSE / CACE is governed by a board of directors from several independent companies in order to make sure the program evolves to meet the needs of its members. 



Provides proof of competency
Hiring a CFSE/CFSP/CACE/CACS is a critical step in developing a safety culture
Provides a screening criteria for hiring new employees
Saves Money (Reduces False Trip Rate for End Users and Prevents Loss)


Increases Functional Safety Skills
Distinguishes your value as an employee
Opportunities for advancement, responsibility, & increased compensation

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