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Competition for talent is fierce. Employers want to attract and retain skilled, ambitious functional safety professionals who drive innovation. With a wide range of specialties, CFSE + CACE provide industry-recognized certifications to help you skill up for the future of your industry.

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CFSE offers two certification levels to help highlight your abilities.

CACE offers two certification levels to help highlight your abilities.

What Our Certificate Holders are Saying

​“The CFSP exam tested my knowledge of IEC 61508 & IEC 61511 using practical questions that I could encounter in the real world. I was able to increase my knowledge of the standards during the studying process which was definitely beneficial for my career development. Also, the online exam format worked great.”

Jared Johnson, CFSP 210105 002

“CFSE program signifies a commitment to professionalism and expertise in the field of Functional Safety. After achieving this certification, my competency level has increased which helps me in handling day-to-day challenges at the job and take decisions on process safety with full confidence. I would like to thank exida for providing this program on Functional Safety which is best among competitors.”

Muhammad Wasim Anjum, CFSP 210407 001

“CFSP program helped me to get understanding of complete safety life cycle. Following completing this certification, I am very much confident in contributing my knowledge into the SIS/SIF modifications scopes within my role responsibilities and particularly to SIF/SIL verification/validation under MOC process.”

Qaiser Sharif, CFSP 201116 001

“exida has an amazing CFSE team who provides to you an excellent guidelines and material to get the best Functional Safety Certification (CFSP or CFSE) in the world. I enjoyed along the process and learn a lot from them. This is the most recognized functional safety certification for professionals working on this discipline. I strongly recommend exida to whoever interested on this matter.”

Rafael Martinez Pastor, CFSP 210408 001

“Almost one months for preparation, it is paid off , I passed the CFSE exam. With first experience for online exam, I found the exida team was very helpful and the information they gave on the website and online webinar was very clear and help me to prepare the exam.”

Rina Dewi Pujiastuti, CFSE 210323 001

“CFSE program is the only program where competency is gauged on experience and in depth knowledge on standards rather than just attending few days training course or a recommendation of being having close touch with CB. The program always remains ethical, unbiased and measure of true competency.”

Sandesh Kini, CFSE 201015 001