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Competition for talent is fierce. Employers want to attract and retain skilled, ambitious functional safety professionals who drive innovation. With a wide range of specialties, CFSE + CACE provide industry-recognized certifications to help you skill up for the future of your industry.

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CFSE offers two certification levels to help highlight your abilities.

CACE offers two certification levels to help highlight your abilities.

What Our Certificate Holders are Saying

“The most globally recognized Functional Safety Program, a Professional should respectfully own. With the current industry standards, demonstrating your competency with a proof is becoming more and more a requirement than a practice. Before finalizing on this program, I have consulted with a few leading professionals in this field. Noticed a trend of moving towards this globally standardized and widely respected certification program, so decided to choose. A highly controlled online exam option makes it feasible for anyone with a strong commitment to acquire the certification”.

Josekutty Mathew, CFSP 210407 001

“exida’ s CFSP/E team answered and addressed all of my questions I had regarding the CFSP process in a timely manner. Their training class, webinars, and books prepared me for taking the CFSP exam. Having my CFSP certification from exida will give me great recognition within the Functional Safety field.”

Vaughn Place, CFSP 220207 001

“If you are interested in functional safety and how it applies to the process industry, don’t hesitate to participate in one of exida’ s training programs. “FSE 100 - IEC 61511: Functional Safety Analysis, Design, and Operation” is the course that will help you in understanding the whole functional safety lifecycle and prepare for successful CFSP or CFSE application.”

Andrzej Janowski, CFSP 220104 002

“My skills in functional safety have been hugely improved by obtaining the CFSE certification. The certification process is relatively simple but rigorous to ensure the certification is awarded to the right candidate. The online CFSE exam with a Live Proctor is as good as an in-person exam. I would really recommend the CFSE program to the people who want to make a huge impact in functional safety.”

Raminaidu Girada, CFSE 211014 001

“I found the CFSE program complete in the understanding and application of the functional safety standards. It covers all aspects of the safety life cycle well with industry relevant examples. The CFSE exam, unlike other certificate exams does not emphasize on memory or computing capabilities, but rather tests core concepts and practical knowledge. The course online resources are very helpful in understanding complex topics and the well written reference books keep the readers engaged and motivated on the subject. Through this program and other initiatives, exida is doing a remarkable service in the field of safety and reliability.”

Bilal Khurshid, CFSE 210929 001

“As a graduate engineer, I wanted to further develop my technical capability in the field of automation. I wanted to develop holistically by both having control systems and functional safety know-how. The CFSP exam preparation supplemented my knowledge on the application of the standards, and identify what to look out for in any safety-related systems whichever role I undertake in the future - operations, maintenance, or project management roles. The process was made smooth by the staff, and has thoroughly assessed my overall knowledge of Machine Functional Safety.”

Carlin Lapuz , CFSP 220318 002

“Completing the CFSP programmed has not only increased my competency in Functional Safety (ISO 26262), but also provided me with the confidence to apply Functional Safety on safety-related products as per my role and responsibility in the work place. Taking the exam online certainly beat taking the exam in a hall/room with other participants! I had zero distractions, flexibility to my schedule, and the comfort of my own home! Highly recommend exida for their Certification programmed!”

Daniel Joseph Wilson, CFSP 220323 002

“The CFSE program is absolutely well structured, the books and the material provided by exida is a very good starting point to learn functional safety concepts. It is impressive the background and the experience that exida has in this topic, shown by the competency of the trainer of the course. The platform used for the online exam is easy to use and to schedule, there is a wide availability of time slot.”

Fabio Novarini, CFSP 220516 001

” The CFSP program has helped me enhance my knowledge and understanding about process safety to a great extent. I thank exida for all the relevant information they have collected and made available in their webinars and whitepapers, which helped me in preparing for the CFSP exam and more importantly will help me in my future process design based on the IEC61508/IEC61511”

Nidhin Nkattuvetty Sudhakaran, CFSP 220124 002

“The CFSE Program is adequately designed to assess an individual’s competence in the field of Functional Safety. The overall process which includes verifying educational background, checking work experience, obtaining references, and grading exam is done very professionally and transparently. The exam appears to be designed by experts in the industry and it is indeed a great metric of gauging an individual’s deep understanding of the standards.”

Zohaib Ahmed Siddiqui, CFSP 220225 002

“The CFSP/CFSE administration team was always helpful and responding in a timely manner. It was also great taking the exam from home without the need to travel!”

Mohamed Issa, CFSP 220809 002