Application and Payment:

Under the “Experience” category of the application, this may be general engineering.

The study guide is permitted if the writing on the pages contains written answers to the practice questions. If a proctor sees suspicious notes they have the right to remove the study guide.

Referees do not need special qualifications. Referees need to be someone that will sign their name stating they recommend you as a possible Expert/Professional or Expert /Specialist in functional safety.

Currently it is 6-8 weeks. However we recently implemented an electronic grading system that will help expedite this process. We are happy to report that this time frame will be reduced.

You do not need to translate the certificate into English. If the administration has any issues they will contact you.

PDF format is a file type that allows you to share information that cannot be altered or changed. Programs like Adobe Acrobat can make a word document into a PDF. Other file types that we accept are images. You may scan or copy a hard copy and send it via email. In summary we would accept any file type that cannot be altered or changed.

You may submit the case study and referee statements at a different time than the application. We understand that the referee statements may take longer and do not want to delay your application.

You may pay for the exam at any time. We have a database that will be linked to your specific ID number. Once our administration receives information from you this ID number will be created immediately. Do remember that the exam results will NOT be released until the application and payment has been complete.

Yes. The application and payment must be completed in full prior to receiving your exam results.


The renewal process is extremely straightforward. Please go to: http://www.exidacfse.com/Resources/Forms and select CFSE/CFSP Certificate Renewal Form. Once you have completed this form and made payment you will have a new certificate mailed to you.

Currently we do not offer soft copies of the certificate, but this has been addressed to the board. We may change this policy in the future to allow for soft copies.


The differences between the exam types are that there are most specific questions on the respective topic. A HW exam will have more HW type questions, a SW exam will have more SW type questions.

Currently it is 6-8 weeks. However we recently implemented an electronic grading system that will help expedite this process. We are happy to report that this time frame will be reduced.

The exam costs the same all over the world. Please check our payment page for the latest prices.

Yes we offer courses in Germany. We actually have courses all over the world. Please visit our website then select the Region of the World you would like to take an exam and you can view the courses currently available. Also know that if you work with or know a company that has any applicants/candidates that would like to take the exam we can even work out an agreement and perform the exam at that location.


You may apply for the CFSE directly here. If you are a TUV FSE you must still verify that you have the experience required for the CFSE.

The pass rate depends on the candidate taking the exam. The current pass rate is around 75-80% for a CFSP exam and 65-70% for a CFSE. Please note that these numbers contain those individuals that take the exam just to see where they stand PRIOR to studying. Many people take our exam as a benchmark.

Yes. We absolutely recommend you become a CFSE or a CFSP. The CFSE/CFSP program is a certification where as the TUV program is a certificate program. The TUV FSE still needs to meet the 10 yr requirement for CFSE. TUV FSE doesn't automatically permit to take CFSE. To learn the differences between a certificate program and a certification please see the following whitepaper

Preparation and Training:

Study time depends on each person. From what we see for the CFSE, most people take a training, study for 1-2 months, and then take the exam. We also see many people take training and then take the exam immediately.