CACE Overview


The Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert (CACE) and Certified Automation Cybersecurity Specialist (CACS) specialties were developed in response to the growing demand to secure industrial automation control systems (IACS) and SCADA systems by providing a means for people to develop and demonstrate competence in understanding and applying security standards and best practices.

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Control system cybersecurity is an emerging, highly specialized field of engineering. Its goal is to assure a systematic, lifecycle approach is used to assess, design, implement, and monitor methods to protect critical infrastructure from attack. The field of industrial automation and control system cybersecurity combines disciplines of basic control system engineering, risk assessment, safety system engineering, software (e.g. Microsoft) platforms, industrial networking, and IT network security.

While several programs exist for training and certification of each of these individual disciplines, there is no program today that focuses on the intersection of these disciplines as it applies to control system cybersecurity. The CACE / CACS focuses on the practical application of security practices and principles, not on knowledge of theory.

Participation in the CACE / CACS certification specialties can provide many benefits to you and your company. CACE / CACS certification allows individuals to demonstrate their competency in a specialized field that is growing and in high demand. Attaining certification will make you a more valuable employee and can open the door to career advancement. CACE / CACS certified staff helps companies demonstrate their organization’s expertise and their commitment to providing best-in-class services to their customers.


This certification is targeted for engineers and control system administrators who are involved in establishing, designing and implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for complex industrial control or SCADA systems. The specialty allows these individuals to demonstrate their competency in leading and managing complex ICS cybersecurity programs as well as evaluating and assessing the cybersecurity of existing ICS systems or system designs.


This certification is appropriate for engineers and technicians responsible for the design, installation & commissioning, and maintenance of industrial control or SCADA systems. The specialty allows these individuals to demonstrate their understanding and appreciation of IACS cybersecurity principles and best practices as they apply to operating and maintaining the security of their industrial automation and control systems.Furthermore, the specialty evaluates the candidate’s competency in understanding, applying and maintaining technical cybersecurity controls in their day-to-day activities.



Certified Automation Cybersecurity Expert (CACE) is for persons where control system cybersecurity is a major part of their job’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Security Architect
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Security Assessor
  • Security Consultant
  • Automation Network Designer
  • Automotive Cybersecurity
  • ICS Senior Cybersecurity Consultant


Certified Automation Cybersecurity Specialist (CACS) is for persons where control system cybersecurity is just one aspect of their job’s roles and responsibilities:

  • I&E Technician
  • Controls Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • System Integrator / Project Engineer
  • Automation Suppliers / Vendor Project Engineer
  • Auditors (Consultants / Government / Internal)
  • IACS Cybersecurity Consultant

Specialty Exam Areas