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The certification team is excited to offer an all new, fully functioning and integrated online exam platform. Candidates are now able to get certified out of the comfort of their chosen environment.

The certification team has recruited Gauge and ProctorU to offer a fully functioning and integrated online exam platform.  Candidates are now able to earn these certifications out of the comfort of their chosen environment.  

With the integrated functionality of Gauge and ProctorU, the Certification program will be able to keep security as a top priority for test takers.  Real-time behavior monitoring, multiple face recognition, live proctoring, and real-time incident stamping are just a few of the features now enabled to ensure a secure environment.

With increasing demand of online testing, we are excited to offer our candidates a practical and affordable option personnel certification needs. Our online personnel certification exams do not require any traveling or onsite presence, reducing costs of travel for many of our candidates. 

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CFSE exam

To help make things even easier, we created the following video. This video walks you through the entire Online Exam experience, giving you an idea of what to expect from the application process leading up to the day of your exam.

Finally, be sure to take a look at our FAQ for answers to many of the common questions regarding the online exam. 

How to take the exam Online

For Initial Applicants: 

  1. Email your application to the Certification Team. Once your application is approved, you will be emailed a welcome letter for the qualifications of each individual exam:
    • CFSE (Functional Safety Expert)
    • CACE (Cybersecurity Expert)
    • CFSP (Functional Safety Professional)
    • CACS (Cybersecurity Specialist)
  2. Once payment is made (Initial Fees)  an exam link will be emailed to you from the Certification team.
  3. After you receive your exam link, you then have access to sign up for your exam online. 

For Retake Candidates:

  1. Please send an email to inform the Certification Team that you would like to sit the exam again. Please let them know in your email which exam you are going to retake.  Please inform the Certification Team of any updates to your employment, your contact information, and any other forms of communication.; i.e. your shipping address. 
  2. Payment for retakes can be made here.