Exam Dates

Exam Dates

All exam dates are tentative

Please note that the application due date has been pushed back based on applicant requests for more time for professional referee forms and university degree confirmations. With this change, it will not be possible to process any applications that are incomplete or missing any parts after the listed deadline.

Other exam dates and locations can be scheduled if there are sufficient numbers of applicants.

CFSE reserves the right to cancel any examination should there be insufficient numbers of applicants for that exam.

North America

Location Exam Date
San Jose, CA, United States April 26, 2019 More Details
Bakersfield, CA, United States May 24, 2019 More Details
Mexico City, Mexico June 07, 2019 More Details
Mexico City, Mexico October 04, 2019 More Details
Stafford, TX, United States December 06, 2019 More Details