CFSE Endorsement Program

Differentiate yourself from other practitioners by demonstrating expertise in specific focus areas of functional safety.


  • Understand architecture constraints and when they apply
  • Explain the concept of SIL Capability
  • Demonstrate ability to calculate simple PFH / PFDavg for a set of equipment
  • Describe the various sources of failure rate data
  • Know when to use “cycle test” data

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Exam Resources

SIF Verification – Scaling the Three Barriers View Webinar   
Improving Reliability and Safety Performance of Solenoid Valves by Stroke Testing View Webinar   
Meeting Architecture Constraints in SIF Design View Webinar   
FMEDA Results - Using the Best Possible Source of Failure Rate Data View Webinar   
Using B10d Cycle Test Failure Data in SIF Verification - High Demand Only! View Webinar   
Collecting Good Field Failure Data View Webinar   
Understanding FMEDA Results View Webinar   
Accurate Failure Data – Field Calibrated FMEDA Results View Webinar